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Colorlight 5A-75B Version 8

Colorlight 5A-75B Version 8

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5A-75B receiving card was Colorlight special introduced high cost-effective product that designed for customers to save cost, reduce points of fault and failure rate. 

Based on 5A receiving card, 5A-75B integrates the most common HUB75 interfaces, which is more reliable and more economical on the premise that ensure high-quality display.


·Integrated HUB75 interface, more convenient with less cost.

·Reduces the plug connectors and malfunction, lower failure rate.

·Superior display quality: high refresh rate, high grayscale, and high brightness with the conventional chips.

·Perfect performance under lower grayscale status.

·Better detail processing: partial dark at row, reddish at low gray, shadow problems can be solved.

·Supports high-precision point-by-point calibration in the Brightness and the chromaticity.

·Supports conventional chips, PWM chips and lighting chips.

·Supports any scan mode from static to 64 scans.

·Supports any pumping point and data arbitrary offset to realize various freeform display, spherical display, creative display, etc.

·Supports 16 groups of RGB signal output.

·Large loading capacity.

·Advanced design, high quality components, rigorous aging test, zero malfunction of final products.

·Wide working voltage range with DC3.3~6V.

·First adopt all components face up configuration to reduce damage.

·Compatible with all series of Colorlight’s sending devices.

Control system parameters
Sending device

All series of Colorlight’s sending devices

Control area of every  card Full-color: 256×256 pixels
Correction area of every  card 256×256 pixels
Network port exchange Supported, arbitrary use

Nanosecond synchronization between cards

Display module compatibility
Chip supports

Supports conventional chips, PWM chips, lighting chips and other mainstream chips

Scan type Supports  64 scans
Module Specifications Support Supports 4096 pixels within any row, any column
The direction of the cable Supports route from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top
Data Groups 16 RGB data groups
Data folded Supports to fold on the same or opposite direction
Module snapshot Supports any pumping point
Data serial transmission Supports RGB, R8G8B8, R16G16B16, etc in the form of serial


Compatible device and interface type
Communication distance

UTP cable≤140m

CAT6 cable≤170m

Optic fiber: Single Mode Fiber Converter≤20km

Multi-Mode Fiber Converter ≤550m (Use RP Repeater to extend unlimited) 

Compatible with transmission equipment

Gigabit switch, fiber converter, optical switches

DC power interface Wire terminal
HUB Interface Type HUB75 
Physical parameters
Size 143×93mm
Input voltage DC 3.3V~6V 
Rated current 0.6A
Rated power 3W
Storage and transport temperature -50℃~125℃
Operating Temperature -20℃~75℃
Body static resistance 2KV


Monitoring function (in conjunction with mutil-function card)
Monitoring functions Real time monitoring environment information like temperature, humidity, smog
Remote Control Supports for relay switch to turn on/off the power supply of equipments remotely
Other features
Pixel level calibration Supported
Loop backup Supported
Shaped screen Supports various freeform display, spherical display, creative display, etc. through the data arbitrary offset


 Colorlight 5A-75B Manual Download