USPS does not scan all packages and is currently having delays. If you'd like your order tracked and in time please choose FedEx at checkout.


Q: What have you done to make sure you provide the best quality pixels?

A: We are always making improvements in our pixel process. Wally's pixels have always been made with the thickest wire possible which is a 34 Count strand ~18 awn wire. They are always made with authentic WS2811 Chipsets and LEDs. We have upgraded our machines to have more precise epoxy fills in each pixel. In July of 2022 we started manufacturing our newest PCB for our 12V pixels. These are noted with a black board and our logo printed on both sides. We have many other enhancements that we have done but we will keep those our secret.


Q: When will xxxx be in stock again?

A: We use sea freight for our shipping which is currently 6-12 weeks. We constantly have inventory coming but cannot give an accurate arrival date on each individual product. We do offer a signup under out of stock products for you to be notified when they are back in stock. 

Q: Do you have (____qty) of xxxx product in stock?

A: We are constantly getting orders and in turn our inventory is always changing. Our website will not let you place the order unless it is in stock. 

Q: Which pigtail type is preferred?

A: Each customer has a different preference in pigtails. The most popular is XConnect. 

Q: I just placed an order when will it ship?

A: If you chose a priority shipping method (2nd day or overnight shipping) we try and make sure those go out ASAP and at the latest the follow business day. 
If you chose standard first class or ground shipping those orders usually go out within 2 business days. 

Q: I received my order and there was a discrepancy in what I ordered and what I received. How do I fix this?

A: Our policy is that all order discrepancies must be reported within 14 days of receiving your package. This includes faulty products.  Send an email to with your order number and what you received in error. We will send you a return label along with the correct product ASAP. 

Q: I have a product that isn’t working anymore. Can I get a replacement?

A: We always ask customers to fill out the product issue report for any faulty products that you may have. We use this database to discuss any common issues we find with the products and resolve them ASAP. We have a warranty of 3 months from delivery date for our products. Anything in this time frame is eligible to be considered for replacement or refund.


Q. I received a tracking number for a prebuy order but why isn't it moving?

A. Tracking numbers for prebuys are sent once the order is in the container and on the boat. Please allow 6-8 weeks after receiving the tracking number for delivery of prebuy orders.