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Reprogramming the RF Transmitter

How to Reprogram DMX Transmitter?

What programing options are available?
5 Channel Programming Files
unzip the file and select the program with the appropriate power level output that fits your needs. Lowest power setting is the PA OFF and the Highest is PA 1W.
40 Channel Programming Files
1W and .125W versions
Select the wattage output that applies to your application. (.125W is recommended)

GF DMX transmitter has different program versions, from oldest 2CH, 5CH,17CH to latest 40CH.

If I ordered the transmitter few years ago, but the led bracelets or led sticks were updated to 40CH, is it possible to reprogram my old controller instead of buying a new one?

—Yes. You can use the programming cable and download the program file first, then follow the below steps to update the program.

NOTE: The programming software only supports windows 64 bit system.

DO Not plug in during this process. 

DO NOT plug the power cord in when you are reprogramming the controller.

  1. Plug in the programing cable general USB to the computer USB port

  1. Double click the program software file, choose “upgrade”


3. Plug in the micro USB to the transmitter program port. Programming is finished when "Complete" is displayed on the program. This has to be the last step)