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Prebuy Add-On 50ct C7 Pixastring Green Wire

Prebuy Add-On 50ct C7 Pixastring Green Wire

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  • Prebuy Items cannot be included with any other item not labeled as Prebuy Items in the store. If items from other sections are added to the ordered they will be cancelled and refunded.
  • We anticipate these to be delivered in 2-3 months. 
  • You will receive a tracking number once your order is on the boat.
  • Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.
  • Must include a minimum of 3,000 Pixels

12v LED C7 Pixastring Node

These are wired the way normal pixels are with wires out of the back.
12v DC
IP68 Waterproof
50 Pixels per String
15cm Wire from Solder Point to Solder Point (~6" spacing)

Total Length ~25'
Slightly Smaller than 18awg 
18awg Waterproof Pigtails Attached

Input side: Male Plug

2 Year Warranty